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Malia Shields

pure, clear mentorship & simple marketing for intuitive business owners who are ready for radical simplicity and foundational self-care

Hi there... I'm Malia

I help intuitive, authenticity-loving, vulnerability-craving business owners transform anxiety and exhaustion into guidance, a clear path and a life that happens on purpose, with purpose.

Hey friend! (sparkly wink) If you're wondering, yes - that translates into time and peace of mind to truly live and profits to support the life you love.

What stands out and makes Malia a rare breed is her unmistakable clarity, her integrity and her genuine pleasure and wish to help...Malia is the real deal. Alexia

This is my story...

I've worked in the online space as an intuitive reader/coach, artist & mentor for 14+ years now.

Through Empath Malia, I serve the bravely sensitive, purpose-driven multinationally using my proprietary framework based in radical self-care and timeless wisdom. Arriving in overwhelm, anxiety and exhaustion - feeling misunderstood and different; leaving with a clear sense of self and purpose, able to envision their dreams and step into empowerment.

Through Malia Shields Social Media, we tell their stories of transformation using Facebook™ and Instagram™ advertising, gorgeous branded funnels and compelling, meaningful copywriting.

Through Studio Malia, I share my artistic path in abstract painting, light painting, photography & classes inspired by my intuitive processes.

I'm also a single mom to the most amazing human I know and two magical fur-babies...

But wait....

💡 That bio sounds smooth and polished.. like I just sparkled my way right off the unicorn bus, doesn't it?

Here's the truth:

It's been neither smooth nor direct and very often nothing close to easy. There have been A LOT of "Nope, I don't want that!" and "Did I really just choose that?" and "Oh mah gawd, I feel so naive - did I trust the wrong person... again?" There've also been huge waves of self-doubt, paralyzing anxiety, fear and self-sabotage.

Fast forward to today, my life and self-perception have become much gentler, kinder and more connected and I find myself in a love story with authenticity and true vulnerability.

And... what I have learned can be explained in few key truths. Don't you love it when life gets A LOT simpler?

  1. It's hard to stay in resistance. Resistance = the stuff I didn't do on purpose and didn't know I was doing... until later).
  2. Resistance looks like this: Anxiety, procrastination, brain-fog, confusion - feeling frozen and without words. Long, sleepless nights spent wondering when my life would finally become one I wanted, one I felt proud of, one that let ME be ME.
  3. Ease happens when I let go and finally stop trying so hard and start listening... and choose to trust myself.

Why does all this matter?

If you're anything like me, when you discover something THIS big... sharing it is the natural next step.

"...For the first time, I felt understood..."

"...Really got me at my core..."

"...Incredible eye-opening..."


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